First, let me answer why we've designed these to have a little play.  Solid wood can expand/shrink in various climates.  From Missouri to various parts of the country, the wood will shrink due to extreme dryness or expand due to high humidity.   As the wood acclimates to its new environment, this feature will allow the end user to adjust the alignment as needed to obtain the perfect alignment.

So to start, put all bolts and wingnuts on.   The wingnuts should be fairly loose.   The two halves should move.   Turn the edge with the skewer holes facing up.  Slide the two halves to where the skewer holes are aligned.   Then tighten down the top middle wingnut.   Turn the mold to where the cigar opening is facing up.  Again, slide the halves to where you get the best alignment.   Tighten down the top middle wingnut.   Then tighten down all the wingnuts pretty good.   You don't want the mold to shift when loading in the product.   

Drop a 1/8" skewer in the mold and start packing in the product.