To start, be sure to follow the blog entry on proper alignment.  This tutorial assumes you have one of our molds as well as our packer.   After the mold is properly assembled, put a 1/8" skewer into the mold and have it extend out the skewer hole.   The skewer hole we drill is slightly larger than 1/8" so if your skewer doesn't fit, you need to find a smaller diameter skewer.   You can purchase 1/8" aluminum rods from Lowes or Home Depot.   If you ask, they might even have them cut them to the size you need.   Be sure to sterilize the rod.   Also, sand or grind down the ends you cut.  You don't need any sharp ends that could cut you.   Another option would be to use bamboo or wood skewers.  You can find them on Amazon as well.   Overall, you should keep them about 1 to 1.5" longer than your mold.   After they have been inserted, take your buds and tear them into 1/2" to 1" pieces.  You'll figure out what size of pieces works best for you.   The larger pieces help hold everything in place better.   Do not use ground product.  It will most likely fall apart when you pull the halves apart.    As you push the pieces in with your fingers, you can then use our packer to push it to the bottm.   This is accomplished because our packer design has a hole in its shaft so the skewer can go inside as well as keeps the skewer in the center of the slot.  Push the product down with a good amount of pressure to pack it in.  Spend more time packing the nose.   Pack it and then pack it again.   Continue to push product in and pack it in with the packer until you have filled the slot to the level you want.  Leave the skewers in.   After ~24 hours, you can then unscrew the mold and pull the sides gently apart.   Once you have the cannagars out of the mold, you can finish it with one of many options that best suit how you want.   Good luck!